Doughnuts for Bird Dogs

By Jim & Phyllis Dobbs and Alice Woodyard

Here's training tip using "doughnuts" to help your dog be prepared for wild birds this hunting season.

What do doughnuts have to do with bird dog training? They help prevent sight pointing and jumping in on game, and they're an aid in teaching the dog to run to objectives. Doughnuts also help teach your young dog to stand off his birds, and we all know what wild birds will do if they are crowded.

So what are these "doughnuts" we're talking about? They are an innovation that we incorporated into the design of the brush piles used at the Tri-Tronics Training Center.

Like many bird dog trainers, we've used brush piles to begin teaching bird dogs to run to objectives. The Bobwhite quail we use in training would often burrow underneath all the brush and become difficult if not impossible to flush.

To make it easier for the dog to learn its lessons, and to make it easier for us to flush the birds, we redesigned our brush piles into doughnut shapes. This shape makes it easy for the trainer to step into the center of the "doughnut" and flush the birds. Or, for those who use a bird releaser, the open center provides an excellent hiding place to put the launcher.

The round wall of brush also acts as an impenetrable barrier that prevents sight pointing, and keeps the young dog from crowding too close to the bird. It also deters the dog from jumping in on the bird.

It's easy to incorporate this training tip into your fieldwork, and well worth the effort. Using the doughnut-shaped brush piles when teaching the dog to run to objectives will definitely make it easier for your bird dog to learn several important lessons.

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