Table of Contents for the Flushing Dog


The "Invisible Check Cord": Finding the dog's sensitivity level, turning the Spaniel in the field, timing of stimulation. The Retriever Journal, Apr/May '96.


"Here" or "Come" - Take Your Choice: Training the dog to "come," knowing when the dog can stop wearing the collar, providing consistency to form good habits. The Retriever Journal, June/July '96.


To Teach Heeling, Walk in the Dog's Shoes: Teaching the dog to "heel" off leash, comparing the leash and choke chain, turning toward you to shut off the collar, coming all the way to you, staying with you until released, refining the dog's understanding of the "heel" position, keeping the dog in balance. The Retriever Journal, Oct/Nov '96.


"Hup!" Phase I: Step 1) Teaching the "hup" command, Step 2) Staying on a training platform until released, Step 3) Automatic sit at heel, Step 4) "Hup" from motion. The Retriever Journal, Feb/Mar '97.


"Hup!" Phase II: Step 5) Sit to flush, Step 6) Sit to gunfire. The Retriever Journal, Apr/May '97.

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