Stock Dog Whistle


This fine shepherd's mouth whistle allows the command to carry farther with clarity and gives you the ability to make many distinct tone inflections.

Whistle Instructions:

  1. Place whistle in mouth with tab up or down.
  2. Hold it firmly with your lips closed surrounding the whistle.
  3. Place your tougue against the back of th ewhistle to stop air from going under the whistle.
  4. Notice the teeth are not touching the whistle.
  5. Take a short breath of air and exhale fron the diaphragm.
  6. The whistle must be totally sealed all the way around it.
  7. Air must pass through the top hole only.
  8. Vary the tone (pitch) by raising and lowering the tougue.
  9. When you get really agravated, give it to a small child and he will show you how to work it.

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